Should You Go to Your School Reunion

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An interesting question that many graduates are asked is whether it is worthwhile to go to a school reunion. A class reunion is usually held on or around a memorable anniversary and at a venue such as the original school or at a nearby place that also has memories for the class. It has been years since you have seen your classmates. You might even have a big career or a new family and you want to show them off. Or you might have gained a ton of weight and don’t look so great. It doesn’t matter. Your old friends are still your old friends; right? This should be an unforgettable event and it will be.

Get ready for your reunion. There is going to be something you will recognize as “career envy”, “spouse envy”, “family envy”. So, drop all those high school inadequacies and all those high school cliques. Try to remember only the good things about high school. Don’t think about the crazy hair-dos or clothes or how you might look now. Leave your emotional baggage at home. Some of the people you went to school with will definitely hope you are a dismal failure. Your revenge will be your success. If you have to put a little spin on career success, so be it.

One of the worst things about class reunions is dealing with your past love. What about the person whose heart YOU broke? It’s going to be a little sticky. If you are still single it might be best to not indulge yourself in a walk down memory lane with the ex-love of your life. There are stereotypes in school that you have probably left far behind you. You don’t want to be remembered as the geek, four eyes, the jock, the band geek, nerd or “nobody”.

You might still have problems with these tags from school. No matter how strong the memories or how much they hurt, you have to let them go for this reunion. You might try to make amends with people you slighted or hurt but don’t expect this from everyone.

Sure, get a new hair style; get a manicure and pedicure; and, by all means, lose that offending 5 or 10 pounds. Be sure your clothes are of the latest style or wear something comfortable. Leave your school personae behind and look back on your school days as a completely different person that you hope your old friends will want to be friends with again. Try not to let it drive you into a panic. Remember they aren’t the same either.

You can go to the makeup counter in a major department store and get a make over. They will also show you anti aging products that can give you skin a more youthful look. After you try a three or four day diet to lose those offending pounds, you might invest in some spandex that will mush and squish your extra poundage into a more acceptable form. There are amazing new underwear products that can make your body look better in your clothes. Get your teeth whitened if you are a smoker or coffee drinker. Looking your best is your best revenge.

Remember, you are not the only one who has been out of school all these years. No one else will likely look just like they did in school. Don’t let it worry you or destroy the fun you can have. Once you get there, enjoy yourself. Anticipation is worse than reality. Oh, and immediately start planning for your next reunion. With all the preparation time you really ought to be able to wow them.